William White

Head Chef
Phone: 0829393026
Email: info@beanhartswater.co.za

Where do I start?

How did I come to enter Kokkedoor?

My journey began all the way back in September 1978 in Hartswater.
Went through my school years like most normal kids do in our country.
Then I got the opportunity to study in Texas, business finance, I didn’t finish my studies there and really had a roller coaster ride during my six years abroad. Learned life lessons that no university can ever dream of teaching anyone.
I returned to South Africa and pursued my lifelong passion of food. I was selected to study at The Higgs School of Good Cooking, under the watchful eye of world class chef – David Higgs.

Spent some time working in the restaurant and hotel industry in Cape Town before things got financially difficult for myself and at the time girlfriend, now wife – Elize.

Took some bumps, bruises and turns and in 2007 opened a restaurant alongside my father, we expanded the restaurant, now with a successful guesthouse.
We are really blessed with exceptional local and outside business; we believe in the basic principles of a quality guesthouse and restaurant – good service and fresh food in a family environment.

My journey has not been an easy one, with some valuable lessons learned!
A struggle with my self-worth, no self-belief! How that translated into the mental picture of myself, the mirror image of that to the outside world, my marriage, my family, and my business!

You can only give what you have you have, if you don’t respect and love yourself – you are an empty vessel with nothing to offer anyone.
In 2015 my life turned around radically! Bad things happened, the false-self failed and I turned to the Lord! I started a face to face relationship with Him, it has been a process; but can stand witness that life In Him only gets better and better.

So, with this new found confidence in my self-worth I finally entered a show I should have entered years ago- Kokkedoor.
With Jesus in my heart and a backpack full of humility, gratefulness and love I got on the plane to take part in Kokkedoor 3!
I have been super fit, way way over weight, back to a respectful fitness; found myself spiritually and emotionally dead to alive and singing. Really come full circle and still going – enjoying every breath I take!

I would like to share my testimony with you and help make a difference in peoples lives, life is all about the relationships and people we meet.
Can’t wait for the privilege of meeting you one day!

William Are White